Computer/Internet Use

  • A valid library card is required to use the public computers.  As a library card number and PIN will be needed to log in.  (as per policy revision)
  • Coloma Township residents are now required to have a library card to access the computers.  Library cards are FREE for Coloma Township residents.  
  • Patrons who are out of district are allowed one 30-minute guest pass per day.
  • At the computer, please read the Computer Use/Internet Use Agreement on the first screen. It has important information and restrictions that are not listed on this website. Note: Violation of the agreement may result in immediate termination of computer privileges.  Press "Agree".
  • Each computer user is limited to 1 hour of computer time per day.  Patrons may use the computers more than once a day within their hour time limit because the system tracks the amount of time used.  At the end of the day all computers are shut off 15 minutes before closing.
  • Students in grades 8 and below must use the computers in the children's area.
  • High school students must use the computers in the adult area. 
  • The option of printing is available at any computer. Print-outs cost 15 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color. Patrons will need to pay before the pages are released to print.  
  • Please note:

    When a patron has accumulated $1.00 in fines or has items overdue, all library privileges will be suspended for him/herself and all members of the household. This includes use of the library computers.

 Policy 4.8.1

Computer Use/Internet Use Agreement

By acknowledging this Computer Use Agreement I agree to the terms and  conditions listed in this agreement.  I understand that information sent or received over the  internet may not be secure and it is possible for others to view personal information.  I understand that the Rock Falls Public Library District makes not warranties with respect to its computers or other automated systems,and that it specifically assumes no resposibility for:

A. Any costs, liabilities, or damage resulting from the way a patron chooses to use the computer, or

B.  Any consequences of changes to or interruptions of services, even if those disruptions or changes arise from circumstances under control of the library.  

C.  The privacy of electronic mail, or

D.  Any retrieval of or access to illegal, obscene, or indecent material or information.