Community Room Use

Rock Falls Public Library District
Policy 4.10
Meeting Room Policy
  1. Types of Meetings Permitted: It is the policy of the Rock Falls Public Library District to give priority for use of the meeting room in the following order:   a. Library sponsored meetings or programs b. Programs in which the library is one of several sponsors c. Local non-profit community organizations and clubs d. All other meetings
  2. Hours of Meetings: All meetings must begin during regular library hours, and must be finished by 10:00 pm. The Library Director must be notified if there is a reasonable expectation that a meeting will extend beyond regular hours. Note that the building will be locked after regular hours, so that someone from the group using the meeting room will have to open the front door to let late arrivals into the meetings, and that it will be impossible for anyone to get back into the building after all persons have left.
  3. Refreshments: Refreshments are allowed in the meeting room. Alcohol is not permitted in the meeting room. The library is a smoke free facility.
  4. Reservations and Scheduling: Meetings and programs will be scheduled on a calendar at the Circulation Desk. No meetings or programs will be scheduled more than 90 days in advance of the meeting date. Reservations may not be made over the phone. Deposit must be paid before the meeting room can be scheduled.
  5. Condition of Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms should be returned to the library after the meeting in the same condition as before the meeting began. It is expected that every group using the room will keep the room clean, free of trash, and undamaged. Storage of items owned by users is not permitted. Users may not tack or tape anything to the walls or doors of the meeting room. Sinks, closets, and other areas should be left clean and free of stains or damage.
  6. Disruptive Use of Meeting Rooms: Meeting room users should not disrupt normal library activities. Meetings in which loud, disruptive, or offensive behavior is taking place may be shut down at the discretion of the Library Director, and the participants asked to leave the library premises. Staff will not take or deliver messages for meeting participants.
  7. Age of Meeting Room Users: Groups using the meeting room composed of members under the age of 18 must have at least 1 adult sponsor present per 10 minors at any meeting held on library property.
  8. Fees: $15 for 1-3 hours; $30 for 4-6 hours; $50 for 7+ hours. Times include set up and clean up time.
  9. Cancellations: If any group using the meeting room must cancel a meeting, they should notify the library at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to cancel will result in the loss of the deposit fee.
  10. Deposits: All groups using the meeting room must leave a $50.00 refundable deposit. This is to cover the cost of cleaning and making repairs if necessary. A written receipt will be given for the deposit. The receipt must be returned when picking up the deposit as proof of payment. If the receipt is not returned, the deposit will not be refunded.
  11. Commercial Use: While the meeting room may be used for informational purposes by local businesses, it is forbidden for any group to charge money for attending any function held in the meeting room, or to sell any products during any meeting room functions.
  12. Open Access: The meeting room exists for the use of the whole community. Permission to use the meeting room will not be denied solely on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, sexual preference, disabled status, or political/ideological belief of the member of a particular group. The library under no circumstances endorses the philosophies of any private groups which use the meeting room.
  13. Sanctions for Misuse of Meeting Room: Groups or persons who violate the above policies may be subject to sanctions by the library, Sanctions may include the keeping of part or all of a group's deposit, forbidding an offending group, person, or program from using the meeting room, barring a person or persons from the library, or other sanctions as described in the library Conduct Ordinance. 

Amended October 13, 2008

Updated and Amended January 14, 2013 and October 9, 2017